YouTube Video:
Bob Barr speaking on the Whitewater River Watershed on July 13, 2017 (Fayette County SWCD) – Note: Bob’s presentation begins at 4:45 in the video. 

Conservation of Natural Resources Webinar Portal

Conservation Planning Webinars

PSS-CRP Contribution Agreement Webinar (10-27-16)

Find more resources for Districts on the Indiana Conservation Partnership website

Upper White River Watershed Cover Crop Program – information

Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project

More information can be found at

Purdue Extension Publication entitled: Four Strategies to Improve Your Field’s Soil Health (August 2017)

National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) Publication

Tips on Building an Effective Outreach and Education Campaign

Indiana Water Monitoring Council Resources available (April 2018)

Farmer Field Day Toolkit

Rent Green Fire: Aldo Leopold & A Land Ethic for our Time from IASWCD – just email us!

District Brochure – Standard (Text and photos cannot be changed; consider affixing a label to it.)

Conservation Development Resources: IASWCD’s list of funding opportunities.

Put Planning First! A resource from NRCS to help Districts work with producers to create a conservation plan.

Google Apps for Districts: An “Apps” account comes with useful tools like Google Calendar, Drive, Sites, etc. Email us to request one of these free accounts.

IASWCD Awards, such as Conservation Farmer of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, River Friendly Farmer, etc.

Envirothon is a competitive learning event for high school-aged students that tests the students’ knowledge of resources including soils, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues.

NACD Poster Contest, for young students

Easy Steps Marketing Plan for Districts (PDF)