Local leadership is the cornerstone of Indiana conservation efforts. The IASWCD Board of Directors works to govern the IASWCD in a manner that respectfully represents and responds to local SWCD needs, concerns, and interests. The Board roster is listed below.

The IASWCD Board is comprised of 13 SWCD Supervisors (see below) from all regions of the state. The association has 13 voting members (eight region representatives, four officers, and the past president) as well as non-voting representatives from the Indiana District Employees Association and the National Association of Conservation Districts.

Since Indiana’s conservation Districts are structured for local leadership, committees at all levels address natural resource education, forestry, and wildlife, soil and water resources, District operations, marketing, ways and means, and legislative issues.

2017/2018 Financial Information

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IASWCD Board of Directors 2018

Jamie Scott, President*

Roger Wenning, Vice President*
(NACD Alternate Delegate)

Jeff Baker, Treasurer*

Kerry Ames, Secretary*

Jeff Meinders, Past President*

* Designates the executive committee

Kim Peterson, North-Northwest Director

Tom Crowe, North-Northeast Director

Marc Roberts, South-Northwest Director

Troy Hattery, South-Northeast Director

Josh Bishop, North-Southwest Director

Cathy Becker, North-Southeast Director

Ray Chattin, South-Southwest Director

Brad Ponsler, South-Southeast Director


Director Kim Peterson

Asst. Director Sacha Gee-Burns

Secretary Julie Duttlinger

Director Mark Roberts (NACD Delegate)

Asst. Director Mark Lawson

Director Tom Crowe

Asst. Director Sarah Delbecq


Director Troy Hattery

Asst Director Andy Ambriole


Director Josh Bishop

Asst. Director Jame Krieger


Director Ray Chattin

Asst. Director Denny Simpson

Director Cathy Becker

Assistant Director VACANT

Director Brad Ponsler

Asst. Director Pat Larr

Secretary Kelly Kent

Non-Voting Board Representatives:

Indiana District Employees Association
Erica Burkemper-Fischer

National Association of Conservation Districts
Gene Schmidt, Past President